Loan officers earn more when deals never stop.





Retail Lender*

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More teamwork means more commission for less work. (Like a lot more.)

“I like working for a company whose values align with my own. I think our focus on faith, family, community, and then business – in that order – speaks volumes to allowing us to be better versions of ourselves.”

Sales Manager Johnatan Romero

“5 years ago, I was a $10 million producer and this year, I will close almost $70 million. Movement has worked with me to grow my support team so I could increase my realtor relationships and business!”

Senior Loan Officer Dana Meadows

“I have tripled my production and have more time for my personal life. The atmosphere at Movement is electric and everyone is excited to do their job – it’s contagious. Even the borrowers notice it!”

Senior Loan Officer Lindsey Goins

Don't take a website's word for it.

6 Hour Upfront Underwriting goal**

We immediately send borrower info to an underwriter.

7 Day Processing goal**

Docs are processed, approved, and prepped.

1 Day Closing goal**

Only the best title and attorney professionals touch your loans.


A focus on closing speed means you earn more.

More than just an NMLS number.

more face time, less screen time

At Movement Mortgage our officers have first name relationships with underwriters and title attorneys, and they all get their own dedicated hustle team. It’s truly a team environment that shepherds mortgages from origination to close.

About our Movement Foundation

Movement Foundation exists to bring life, light and hope to underserved communities across the nation. Since its founding in 2012, the foundation has invested more than $36 million in causes and ventures intended to create lasting change in lives — from the Movement School in Charlotte, North Carolina to the development of a commercial farm in Uganda, East Africa.

* Based on state and local data
**While it is Movement Mortgage’s goal to provide underwriting results within six hours of receiving an application, process loans in seven days, and close in one day, extenuating circumstances may cause delays outside of this window.